About Me


Hey! I am Sara, a senior, attending the University of Alabama. I am studying Political Science and have a minor in Computer Tech and Applications. I plan on graduating this December and would love to go to law school the following year.

I enjoy running, experiencing completely new things, meeting new people, and enjoy attending concerts of all kinds of music. I have two dogs named Charleston and Beau and a  cat named Aspen. My favorite things to do in my spare time is to find new music.

I have always loved music and spend hours and hours looking for new music to add to my iTunes. I use to write for NotSomeKid.com but have always wanted to have my own music blog, so I am giving it a whirl. I listen to almost every kind of music and will not limit my posts to just one genre. If you are a huge fan of music and enjoy finding new music and new artists, then I am your person. I will post daily , mostly posts about new music, but sometimes I will just write about random things, so be sure to check back everyday. Enjoy!

Beaufort (Beau) and Charleston

Beaufort (Beau) and Charleston






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